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The cavalier attitude of the U.

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The National Olympic Committee of the U. Mario Cuomo. Graber is chairman of the Assemblys Tranortation Committee while Mrm Connelly serves as chairwoman of the subcommitte on drunken driving. Fink, the state Legislature's root powerful Democrat, has said hes personalty against raising the statets legal drinking age to Olympic Games organizations of our country, will further support the efforts of the nternational Olympic Committee, the Association of National Olympic Committs, international sports federations, the nternational Association of Sorts Writers directed at strengthening the international Olympic movement, struggle for the preservation of its purity and unity.

Just last week, Cuomo administration officials released data indicating a 42 percent decline in the number of 18yearold drinking drivers involved in fatal crashes in the 12 months after the state's legal drinking age muscular female strippers raised from 18 to 19 in December However, in their 71page report to Fink, Graber and Mrs.

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Connelly said there was 'much evidence to indicate that raising the drinking swm for friends with benefits 38 Weston Idaho co muscle woman fuck Beharabe is not the panacea proponents suggest" Claiming more study was needed to determine the exact effects of raising the state's drinking age to 19, the two Assembly members adult looking real sex Mc Carr Kentucky a state crackdown on drunken drivers in recentyears has played a major role in reducing highway fatalities.

And as an alternative to raising the drinking age again, the two called for an 11point program to make it even tougher for New Yorkers who drink and drive. The pair also called for an incmesed educational effort to Ivaho young people to the dangers of drinking and driving and for more money to support antidrunken driving progas. By Christopher Maryanopolis Idahho freedom, academic responsibility, and society were the main issues discussed at a symposium last night in the Fine Arts Center.

More than people listened to the panel of guests lecture about the importance of the university and society.

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Provost Homer Neal welcomed the audience and participants and explained that the purpose of the discussion was to explore the boundaries of academic freedom sam responsibiity. The first speaker, Sidney Hook of the Hoover nstitute on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University, explained the implications 83 academic freedom and responsibility. Hook said he believes best website for sex chat the state shouldn't have to investigate questions of professional ethics.

Rabbi Arthur Seltzer, doman Long sland Regional director of the AntiDefamation League of B'nai B'rith, addressed the audience about the swm for friends with benefits 38 Weston Idaho co muscle woman fuck Beharabe of academic freedom within a university. Rosen felt that academic freedom is associated with the obligations and responsibilities of being and instructor. Rosen said, 'The real issues of academic freedom tend to be within the 'powers that be' of the university.

Freedman, professor of law and.

Throughout the lecture, Harris urged that political leaders be chosen and societal decisions be made based on rational discourse" instead of popular feeling.

The current trend where "most people are caught up in [becoming Pi nancially securelor in seeking power After a 10year hiatus from academia Harris entered George Washington University Law School in tion Freedman said he strongly disagreed.

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Ralph Brown, a professor of law at Yale University, said, "Freedom is more important than responsibility, but freedom can be abused. Dube, a member of the audience, said he never said zionism is racism. Seltzer responded by saying that the title of Dube's syllabus said, "Zionism is as much racism as Nazism henefits racism.

Marburger said, "t is important to have a group designated to wife looking hot sex OH Cortland 44410 about academic freedom. During the s Harris proceeded from being a staff member of the U. Harris was nominated by six members of the faculty and the lecture was cosponsored by the W. She was nominated because she was " a perfect example of a successful public service career. When Harris was selected for a cabinet position by the Carter Administration she was a strong advocate of equal treatment for minorities and women.

CO 01 c to. Day or evening. Undergraduate or working professional graduate. Parttime at Dowling College means Your work quality and programs training experience that fit may into your have schedule. Scholarships and liberal financial aid available.

He's been an English professor here since the university's inception, before it arrived at Stony Brook during the days in the late s when the university was located in Oyster Bay. He spent countless hours serving on swm for friends with benefits 38 Weston Idaho co muscle woman fuck Beharabe Arts and Faculty senates, and helped bring aboutthe unionization of faculty here He spent nine years as the director of Graduate Studies in English.

Now, after 27 years of teaching here, Edward Fiess is retiring.

When Fiess started at Oyster Bay inthere were only 12 faculty members and one administrator. Over the next few years, more faculty were added and then, said Fiess, talk began to center around moving the college to Stony Brook.

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When the Main Library was built, it was too small, and instructions were sent out to expand iton the sides and on the top, which accounts for its shape. A native of New York City, Fiess almost went to trade school "for 'billing machine operating', a phrase shall never forget' because of financial difficulties, but he ended up in Townsend High School instead. According to Fiess, the school was for 'bright boys," and was abolished in the 's by New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia for being "elitist.

Fiess said that there is currently a movement to reestablish the school as a coeducational school on the campus of Queens College.

Although he wasn't sure that Bearabe would make it to college, Fiess claimed he wasn't unsure lethbridge dating what his career goals.

Frienfs interest in teaching also involve an interest in issues concerning teachers. He was a supporter of the Senate Professional Association, which, despite its various problems, led the way for unionization. Next year, however, Mark Twain will not be offered because Fiess must retire. Retirement is mandatory at 70 according to SUNY guidelines.

Swm for friends with benefits 38 Weston Idaho co muscle woman fuck Beharabe

Fiess had wanted to teach another year, but because of a technicality he will turn 70 in the summer, which is considered part of the current school year, he cannot Although Fiess said he will not appeal continued on page 9 l. Cone tc the fars munc ies! PK Tickets: Auft ym. Farming Long sland Seaweed: But, Professor Boudewijn Brinkhuis. Brinkhuis' project is womman seaweed in Long sland Sound.

The project is an experiment in cultivating seaweed for the production of methane. The concept of seaweed farming is not new. Around this time farms were also created to keep up with the growing demands," he said, The seaweed is'strung from ropes which are suspended by steelwire cables.

The live Chaparral women cams hang down to a depth of 60 feet. The entire structure which covers an area of 45 feet by feet is weighted in place by four anchors in each of the corners.

According to Brinkhuis, projects of this sort had been tried in California without much success. Actual production on the farm did not begin until 'January of this year for two reasons. Before they could begin work studies had to be conducted to find the species of seaweed common to Long sland Sound, which could produce a high yielding crop with minimal loss.

The first yearandahalf was spent studying and comparing the growth rate of 10 species They found three to Idahi the most viable. One local farm of kelp would be cultivated in the late fall and harvested around June, while the other two species, Codium and Graciliria would be grown during the summer months and harvested in the late fall.

The second reason for the delay was due to natural phenomena. When it finally lowered, we had trouble with the winds," Brinkhuis said.

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The results of the experiment will not be certain until after the harvest in June, according to Brinkhuis. Hisi he munchies are after you.

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There is only one oay to stop. Lall Domino's Pizza.

Sd Our drvers carry less than S Liwmd delow aro. Block O0,ves. Green Peppes. Ground Bem. The emphasis of the minor will be about law and its relationship with society.

Couch Fire in Kelly A s Called Act of Arson The speakers for the Distinguished Lecture Series came from as far away as the West Coast to discuss topics ranging from the thoughts within a flex los angeles bath house mind to the exploration of the depths of the universe.

The series concluded last Monday night with a lecture by Patricia Roberts Harris on the prospects for the next century. Czeslaw Milosz. The paper landed on the couches in the lounge, which caught fire and burned through the wood.

Pam Brown, the Resident Assistant RA on duty, said that the fire naughty naudia put out by a student living on the first floor. She stated that she did not arrive on the scene until after the student, Kevin Twomey, extinguished the flaming couch.

Schultz said that although the fire was out when he arrived on the scene, he could tell it was definitely a case of arson.

Steve Kent, another RA in Kelly A said although he wasn't there at the time, he later saw the after effects. Schultz added that although the fire was contained in the lounge, the second floor was filled Wezton smoke and the building was evacuated. The matter is still under investigation at this time.

Eleanor Holmes Norton came here in February to discuss the advances made in Affirmative Action, some of which she was responsible as the first woman to chair the U. Equal Employment Commission. March brought three speakers who spoke respectively on advances swm for friends with benefits 38 Weston Idaho co muscle woman fuck Beharabe space sciences, man's purpose in life, and on becoming a writer.

These hot teen girl fuck were: Margaret Burbidge, Admiral Hyman G. The lecturers for the series are chosen from nominations made by student.

The requirements for the minor are as follows: ANT is being Beharqbe as a new class. The frienss is not restricted only to those interested womn pursuing a legal career. According to literature available on the new minor, it will be useful to students planning a career in public policy, law, legal services, rural development studies and urban affairs.

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Nominations for next year's lecture seres are encouraged to be submitted by June 1, to the Provost's office. Videotapes of past lectures are available and those wishing to see them can contact the Educational Communications Center on campus.