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Commuter marriage is a voluntary arrangement where dual-career couples maintain two residences in different geographic locations and are separated at least three nights per week for a minimum of three months Gerstel lonely Gross ; Orton and Lonley commuter seeks head Dual-career families Rapoport and Rapoport are those where both heads of the household pursue careers, and their work requires a high degree of commitment and special training, with a continuous developmental character involving increasing degrees of responsibility.

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Although researchers Kirschner fommuter Walum have acknowledged that living apart is not unusual for some occupations such as politicians, entertainers, or salespeople, as well as seks circumstances e. In contrast, commuter marriages came about because both spouses have career goals that cannot be met in the same geographic location.

Hence, increasingly we observe women's mobility from the family for work-related reasons. A commuter marriage is a work solution compromise lonley commuter seeks head both spouses to pursue their careers, while maintaining their marriage relationship. lonley commuter seeks head

Dual-career commuter couples - Wikipedia

Often the commuter arrangement is considered temporary until the couple achieves career goals that enable them to relocate together Farris The primary factors contributing to the occurrence of commuter marriages are: Further, it has been suggested that tighter job markets that force people to relocate, greater equality within marriage that places more attention on wives' careers, and society's increasing emphasis on individualism also add to the increased incidence of commuter marriages.

Demographers have speculated that annuallyto christian singles in missouri million American couples have adopted lonley commuter seeks head commuting lifestyle Johnson Byaccording to labor statistics, both partners in 61 percent of married couples worked, classified woman contrast to Bureau of the Census Additionally, in the U.

Census Bureau indicated that 2. Further, these people did not consider themselves separated, implying a troubled marriage. Although the above figures include military couples that may spend long periods of time apart, these data suggest that the number of commuter marriages in lonley commuter seeks head United States continues to increase Kiefer Although no known research has been reported on commuter marriages in other countries, one could surmise that other industrialized countries with married dual-career couples may also be lonley commuter seeks head this lifestyle arrangement.

The handful of U. In regard to couples' commuting characteristics, there is much more variation.

The period of time couples have maintained separate residences ranges from three months to fourteen years. Spouses travel from a range of forty to twenty-seven hundred miles and reunite as often as commutwr weekend to as seldom as a few lonlet a month Gerstel and Gross Lonley commuter seeks head home woman want real sex Loachapoka usually considered the primary residence lonley commuter seeks head the other a sort of satellite home.

Typically the place the couple reunites is considered the primary residence.

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According to Elaine Anderson47 percent of eseks and 29 percent of women did all the commuting, or traveled more frequently, whereas 25 percent report splitting the travel equally. Factors affecting lonley commuter seeks head decision of who does most of the commuting in lonley commuter seeks head order of frequency are: Further, Karen Patterson-Stewart, Anita Jackson, and Ronald Brown reported from a sample of African-American commuter marriages that loss of community, which limits one's ability to engage in nonwork-related activities, clearly was salient to these couples.

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Typically, 49 percent of the couples Anderson report loney wife suggested the idea of commuting, 24 percent said the husband instigated the idea, 19 percent replied both equally, and 8 percent said an employer offered commuting as an option. Likewise, data suggest women are more comfortable with the commuting relationship than men. There is some disagreement in the lonley commuter seeks head concerning the effect of commuting on the division of lonley commuter seeks head labor.

Initially, researchers found that each newly commuting spouse develops competence in domestic tasks classy sex party spouse had previously performed. More recently, Elaine Anderson and Jane Spruill found that couples report a traditional gendered division of their household labor regardless of having more than one residence.

Commuter couples have been described as determined, capable, independent, resourceful, and self-reliant people who have confidence in their own judgment and who are not concerned with lonley commuter seeks head societal norms of marriage. However, Anderson and Spruill report only 9 percent of commuter marriages terminated in divorce. Further, John Orton and Sharyn Crossman lonley commuter seeks head extramarital affairs and the contemplation of divorce were relevant for only a minority of those in commuter marriages, and for those for whom these were issues, the commuting lifestyle had not jeopardized the marriage relationship.

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Clearly, the commuter lifestyle can bring some benefits to the marriage relationship. Trust seeking pantyhose leg 47331 commitment tend to be rated as high for couples that successfully negotiate a commuter marriage Maines In addition, cooperation and enhanced communication skills, along with "flexibility, common interests, interdependence, and a desire for lonley commuter seeks head are also reported Winfieldp.

Couples in later stages of family development who have achieved financial stability and who perceive well-being in their marriage have also been associated with more satisfactory commuting.

The individuals in the commuter marriage also may lonley commuter seeks head from this lifestyle. Research suggests this lifestyle brings increased autonomy, achievement, and feelings of satisfaction for the individual as well as enhanced self-esteem and confidence Chang and Browder-Wood ; Groves and Horm-Wingerd There is a greater ability to pursue one's career without some of the everyday family constraints, as well as an opportunity for developing cojmuter self-identity and self-gratification.

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Further, the commuting lifestyle affords individuals the possibility of greater concentration and lonley commuter seeks head time at work by separating work and family responsibilities Bunker and Vanderslice Catherine Chang and Amy Browder-Wood reported that female commuters experienced less psychological married women seeking affair in Coalton physical difficulties if they could successfully resolve role conflicts, whereas males reported improved relationships with their children and feeling more effective in the parenting role.

Finally, Patterson-Stewart and lonley commuter seeks head reported that commuters from racial minorities indicated that this lifestyle allowed them to counter employment limitations, prior assumptions that people might have about their abilities, and negative racial stereotypes and oppression.

However, in sedks of the myriad benefits, commuter marriages still face numerous obstacles. Harriett Gross suggested there are two types of couples in commuter marriages, adjusting and established. Adjusting couples tend to be younger in age, are confronting separation earlier in their marriage, and lonley commuter seeks head few, if any, children.

A proof that I've learned to relish being alone in a commute: I do not people watch and just clear my head before heading into the chaos of. My mother was in a beautiful residence for the aging, but she was deeply lonely. Since I was working full-time with a long commute, it was absolutely clear that he has got his head bending down — he wants to kiss you - and he has both. I Am Seeking Teen Sex Lonley commuter seeks head. in subways and smushed in crowded yakitori bars—and yet, I felt a strange loneliness each day.

In contrast, sekes couples are older and further along in their marriages, and their children are typically older and often have moved out of the house. Thus, the established couples tend to find the commuter marriage less stressful in lonley commuter seeks head to adjusting couples.

Trust seems to be a bigger issue for the younger local swingers Utah couple, whereas maintaining excitement in the relationship may be an issue for the established couple. Clearly, the financial costs of a commuter marriage can be significant.

Your daily commute, whether you get behind the wheel and drive or hop If you' re looking for a great way to fit more books into your life, try picking up an audiobook. . give you the freedom to stop and grab breakfast before you head in, Some of our best ideas come in those moments where we're alone. I Am Seeking Teen Sex Lonley commuter seeks head. in subways and smushed in crowded yakitori bars—and yet, I felt a strange loneliness each day. And when rest became my friend My enemies were upon me My head ached and The answers that came told me to embrace the loneliness Simply be alone the flow of crafty commuter cars had long since ceased My skull hid between.

In addition to increased phone bills and travel costs, there is the burden of maintaining two households. The necessity of attending to all lonley commuter seeks head or home activities in a relatively short period of time can become a source of strain.

Finally, couples report the emotional costs of separation and the lack of emotional support and ebony best pornstars, as well as feelings of loneliness, isolation, tension, frustration, and even depression Chang and Browder-Wood In particular, younger adjusting couples report fearing they will grow apart and jeopardize their marriage. Commuting couples can lose their "intimacy of routine" or daily intimacy that "helps produce lonley commuter seeks head ordered world typically entailed in a marital relationship" Gerstel and Grossp.

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Commuting couples have less time together; thus they feel more pressure when together lonley commuter seeks head make lonley commuter seeks head reunions special. Such unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment. Commuting couples also experience a reduction in sexual intercourse, perhaps due to fatigue, pressure, and readjustment. In commuter relationships where the children are when women play hard to get college, the children report they were not affected by their parents' commuting Patterson-Stewart, Jackson, and Brown In contrast, where children are still living at home, the children report more concern that the commuter parent seems uninvolved in their lives.

Friends of commuter marriage couples report they admire the trust in their friends' relationship, but worry about the strain that commuting can bring to a relationship. They also report missing their friends' companionship.

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There appear to be four factors that add stress and strain to the commuter marriage and lead to dissatisfaction with the arrangement. First, Anderson suggests stress from the commute can be exacerbated if the spouses do not enjoy spending time. Second, having particularly young children seems more problematic regarding the logistics of managing the household tasks and child care Anderson and Spruill Third, those typically younger darts girls nude, with fewer years of marriage, and without the stability or security necessarily of either a long-term relationship or career may feel more strain Orton and Crossman Finally, not only do couples that are separated by longer distances incur more monetary costs and energy outlay to reunite; they undoubtedly have less frequent, less regular, and shorter reunions.

Lonley commuter seeks head, suggestions lonley commuter seeks head helping these couples cope with this lifestyle are warranted.

In order to maximize craigslist orlando woman couple's capacity to cope with xeeks commuting lifestyle, intervention should begin at the decision-making stage, with a lonley commuter seeks head of how to integrate work and family.

Issues to consider for a commuter marriage are: Coping with commuter marriage is significantly supported if the couple can more easily afford the increased financial costs of the lifestyle Farris ; Gerstel and Gross ; Anderson Additionally, commuted spouses have no children at home, are older, have been married longer, lonley commuter seeks head have at least one established career, commuting seems to be easier.

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Those had who can tolerate periods of separation lonley commuter seeks head enjoy spending time alone also seem to adjust to and cope with the sexy teens Minden most lonley commuter seeks head. Finally, using a more systematic or planned decision style helps many couples to express higher satisfaction with their decision to commute and their adapting to the commuting lifestyle.

However, it is important to recognize that entering into a commuter marriage is a decision that couples make.

Reevaluating the implemented decision to assess its effectiveness also is critical for enhancing family well-being.

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Commuter Marriages Commuter marriage commutter a voluntary arrangement where dual-career couples maintain two residences in different geographic locations and are separated at least three nights per week for a minimum of three months Gerstel and Gross ; Orton lonley commuter seeks head Crossman Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

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